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Communal is a place of awareness. We are here to guide your inner growth through meditation and integrated teachings bringing clarity, alignment and support for you to go within and expand.


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Meditation is a practice that helps us calm our mind, expand our consciousness and improve our creativity while creating a big shift in how we relate to life's circumstances and our own thoughts and emotions. It's transformative. This is a 3 day intensive course where you'll learn this traditional mantra based technique and all of the teachings around the practice. You'll understand why we meditate and what happens when we meditate, you'll get a deeper understanding about the mind, how to relate to your breathing and so much more. Learn more.




This session is designed for anyone looking for guidance and support through their spiritual growth process. Mariana's perspective, combined with her heightened intuition, brings the ancient wisdom and knowledge of spiritual expansion into our daily lives. If you are finding yourself wondering what this all about, questioning what your purpose is here, not sure of what's next or how to really dive in, she can provide you with the tools to do the work while supporting you in this journey. Learn more.



This an online series of integrated teachings to help us go within and expand. These teachings can be taken from anywhere in the world. They are a mix of practical tools, texts and guided meditations to support and help bring awareness and clarity. Learn more.



It's already proven that meditation increases clarity and creativity, it has a positive effect on processing emotions and creates empathy. Plus, it helps boost the immune system and productivity. Bringing this technique into the work environment creates a huge impact on employee engagement, the relationships and overall atmosphere at the workplace. We work with corporate clients to create a program to fit each company's culture and needs. Learn more.



We offer guided meditation sessions for private gatherings, events, conferences, corporate functions and small groups. We also host a meditation program for kids. And we travel as well! Learn more.




In the Journal, we share our weekly insights, ideas, deep thoughts and inspirations. If you sign up for our mailing list, you will receive it every week in your mailbox!


What's trying to happen here?

Something always happens. Just when we think we have everything in order, someone gets very sick, you loose your job or when you think you're finally financially stable, your romantic partner is not showing up or we again are facing the same patterned situations over and over. Reality is we are the CONSTANT here, CONDITIONS are always changing. Read More


The circle of emotions

We all feel emotions. Constantly. The thing is, we need to learn how to relate to them in a different way. Emotions represent a pattern of thoughts that are amplified and energized. Read More


Hold that center

One of our biggest battles in life is to really hold that center (a lifetime battle!). Like many Masters say, circumstances are always neutral. It's not about solving that problem or this problem, it's about understanding how to get closer to your center. Read More



¡México, vamos a meditar!

En mayo estaré en la Ciudad de Mexico con el curso de meditación y otros servicios:

Curso: Aprenda a Meditar

Meditaciones Guiadas

Sesiones Privadas

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"A course to open the mind. For me, who had the first contact, it was super enlightening and brought me ways to connect with myself, through meditation and breathing. Mariana brings some of her knowledge with many examples, with great confidence and shows how we can bring the practice to our routine, for our day to day. The recommendations of readings and authors are also very important so that I can manage to evolve and connect more with the practice. I recommend, and in my opinion, knowing these principles has brought me fluidity and another vision for the issues of my day to day." Gabriella Froes, São Paulo


"I did the course a month ago and I have practiced meditation and  the techniques taught by Mari daily. It's clear and amazing the positive changes I've noticed. I feel a lot more focus, energetic and aware. Recently I participated in a job interview and using the breathing techniques, I managed to maintain the serenity and at the same time much creativity. The course is fantastic, in a practical and simple way, Mari with her contagious energy, shares very rich knowledge that can be applied easily in our day to day, bringing much more contentment, enhancing our individual talents and expanding our awareness of the whole . Certainly I recommend to all who want to deepen in meditation and want to develop new skills still dormant in being. Great gratitude to Mari." Flaviane Cascone, São Paulo


"This experience has been the most heart opening. I never thought I could meditate or even face some difficult things about myself, I not only learned properly how to sit with all that is part of me, I found a technique that is easy, fluid, adaptable that don't create more rigid or pressure in my daily life. I learned why I meditate and what really happens when I meditate, that brought a whole new perspective and how I relate to life. I now have a daily practice that brings me excitement and helps me to stay in alignment which changed forever how I relate to everything in my life. I'm so grateful for you, Mariana. Your dedication for these teachings transformed me and my journey" K.L, Los Angeles


"Mariana is such a special soul that knows how to slowly, intuitively navigate our inner struggles, conflicts with gentleness and respect. She supported my process of diving in to understand more about myself, to learn a tool that became my practice for life. I struggled so much with self consciousness, anxiety, restless mind and this process has been by far the most transformative I've ever experienced, not only I've been receiving the teachings that gave so much clarity and understanding, Mariana helped me unlock this "cage" I was living in just by her clear, acessable, very personal teachings and to now access a more calm, free, loving state of being" M.C., New York


"It was a pleasure to meet Mari this month in Brazil, even more so in a special course. Meditation has always been a subject that has caught my attention. But the information we found is so many that I did not know if I was on the right track. In the course with Mari I was able to learn more about the history of meditation, the technique, its benefits and how meditation can be an essential tool to transform life. With great sensitivity, affection and knowledge Mari not only taught me to meditate but also to find a way to a transformative learning. Thanks!!!! This experience at her side was so worth it" Renata Albano, São Paulo