We are a community based studio in Downtown Los Angeles specializing in Creative Consulting, Project Development and Event Production. Communal aims to provide our clients with all the necessary support and tools combined with our unique and mindful approach. We focus on working with entrepreneurs, freelancers, small business and non profits. 



Creative Consulting

Strategic Planning


Visual Identity



Project Development


Concept Development

Location Scouting


Event Production

Full Service from Concept to Execution

Creative Direction

Event Design

Vendor Coordination

Budget Management 




The whole process start with a conversation. We want to hear from you and get to know each other. What are your goals, your ideas, what are your struggles and obstacles. With a better understanding of your whole scenario we can then start thinking of the possibilities, advices and ideas for your project. Once we get a better feel, we can jump to a personal proposal that will also include a whole customized energy package that will help support you through this phase of your life, including a numerology chart, breathwork exercises, recommendations for aromatherapy and meditation audio guide.

Now that we got to meet and we could have a better feel of you and your project/idea, plus your story, goals and vision we can prepare a personalized proposal. Setting up specific directions and dead lines for you creative project and recommendations, new ideas and cover other areas of growth and possibilities. We like to work effectively to stick to what you really need, on the time you need and support you energetically throughout this process.


The fun part begins, now that we have all the planning set. We begin the creative work, and as all creative work start with a blank page and some references we have spoken and decided previous. Our idea here is to make it the most personal and close to your heart, for us is really important to treat each project as its own and explore all the possibilities but staying true to what your essence is and the real goals.

With the project built and ready. It's time to put out there. We can provide support you through this transition as well.



Mariana Orkenyi founded Communal in 2014 as a way to integrate her skills as creative consultant, cultural producer and event planner with her mindful and spiritual life.

Her international experience collaborating with companies, non profits organizations and museums goes from overseeing public programs, managing galleries and producing art and cultural projects around USA, Brazil, Europe and Mexico as well as working closely with brands for specific creative projects and event productions.

Throughout her life, she developed a spiritual and energetic side starting in her childhood with her parents, as spiritual guides and healers. She attended to numerous retreats and courses and when in Mexico, studied near great teachers on themes about self development, energy work, dealing with emotions, meditations and numerology. She integrates this mindful baggage to her work, her daily life and her client's projects.

She was born in Brazil, lived and worked in São Paulo, Mexico City, Barcelona and now currently lives in Los Angeles with her family.




Nike (Los Angeles)

Aesop (New York)

Commonwealth Projects  (Los Angeles)

Everlane (San Francisco)

Expo Moto (Mexico City)


Dishell Events (Los Angeles)

Brazilian House Museum (São Paulo)

Associació marató de l' Espectacle (Barcelona)

Rojo Magazine (Barcelona)

Accor Hotels (São Paulo)


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