We are a studio with an intuitive approach to Business Development and Creative Consulting 



Mariana Orkenyi founded Communal in 2013 as a way to integrate her skills as creative consultant and producer with her mindful and spiritual point of view. Communal was born as a gathering place for creatives and evolved into a studio offering clients one-on-one business support. Her international experience partnering with global companies, non-profit organizations, and museums ranges from overseeing public programs, managing galleries, and producing art and cultural projects around the USA, Brazil, Europe, and Mexico. She works with a resourceful and creative team globally.

From an early age, Mariana cultivated her spiritual and energetic world. Raised by spiritual parents, she developed a keen intuition and has lived her life focusing on the profound impacts of being attuned to spirituality. She has attended many retreats and courses, and studied under renowned teachers who lecture on self-development, energy work, emotional wellness, healing, meditation, and numerology.

She was born in Brazil, has lived and worked in São Paulo, Mexico City, and Barcelona, and now resides in Los Angeles with her family.