When we are looking for guidance, if it's either to calm our mind, heal our blocks, fears, disbeliefs, understand the patterns of behavior in our lives or to start a meditation practice it can be so overwhelming. There is so much information, so many directions. After all the years of studying with her teachers and masters, investigating and testing Mari created a process that combines all the tools and the steps to start a path of expansion, that brings clarity about the mind and ego, acceptance around unlearned experiences, how to act without resistance, bringing forth your intuition and empowering your magnetism to expand your inner Self with all the possibilities, as well as, using meditation practice, mindfulness tools and her intuitive guidance as the foundation of the work.

Mari created the Expansion Process that helps people to start a nurturing path for growth and awareness. She combines this process, with her meditation practice & intuitive guidance and clairvoyant capacity to support individuals on this journey of discovery.

This process brings:


Awareness around the mind and ego


 Acceptance and understanding of karmas (known, as the unlearned lessons)


 Detachment without resistance


Development of intuition, will power and magnetism


Expansion of your inner Self


The sessions/ workshops are design to combine "The Expansion Process" and the Meditation Practice. Mari meet her clients wherever they are emotionally and spiritually. The only request is for people to have an open willingness and desire to start a practice of meditation.


Mari is an intuitive & meditation guide and  clairvoyant. Her journey started at very early age back at home in Brazil, where she was born and raised, from spiritual seekers and healer parents who gave her the tools to develop her capacity to connect with the Universe and her inner self. She studied under spiritualism teachers her whole life and through their guidance she was able to develop her abilities to channel her intuition and awareness. Being a soul seeker, she then moved to Mexico to study with other Masters and expanded her practice on meditation and inner development. Years later, she lived in Barcelona where she studied Kundalini yoga, contemporary dance and received a Masters degree in Arts and Cultural Management.

Mari arrived in Los Angeles 7 years ago. She founded Communal in 2014 as a gathering place where meditations, workshops, dinners and special gatherings took place. After becoming pregnant and a mother, she was called back to do this work more in depth and finally began the journey to bringing awareness, sharing her intuitive capacity to the world. It has been one of the most profound and clear experiences of her life. She listened to all of the signs and became a certified Meditation Teacher at Ananda School of Yoga and Meditation and studied Mindfulness at UCLA Mindfulness Research Center, in alignment with constantly studying from her masters and teachers.