On being clear

I never really know what I’m going to write about it when I sit down to prepare these letters every week. I let it be part of any experience I’m going through if it’s learning, teaching or struggling with something. And this week what comes up is CLARITY and how we underrate the power in which lies to be clear both inside and outside of ourselves.

I had an experience this week that triggered this reflection, I wasn’t clear about what I wanted to communicate, about what my ultimate goal was and more so, I was utterly confused, feeling as I was being pulled in 300 different directions. How did I get there? Because I wasn’t clear and I got scared. And how can I recognize when I lost track?

This is my cue, the fragmented feeling that rises when we are not aligned, when we are scared and therefore pushing ourselves out of line just to have the gratification or the excuse feeling of “At least I’m trying” or I’m covering all basis, trying x or saying y when deep down I know what needs to be done and said. In doing so, in acting from this place of deep fear of the outcome, we divide ourselves, our energy, our strength, our inner will power and our solution oriented mind and as a result there’s this sense of failing ourselves, we get fogginess, the same old reactions, feelings of being blocked, confusion and very divided lacking outcomes.

Clarity is a stretch because it takes courage, when we often don’t have it. It challenges us because we have to count and trust ourselves when we are most scared and confused. It raises the bar because for most of us, it makes us do things we’ve never done before. It pushes us to step out of the lack and into our whole abundant imperfect not ready Self. So, let’s see it as a practice and as with every practice it can evolve while we stumble on the way.

To be clear with our intentions, with our story, in what we are trying to do, in our work, with our kids, family, friends and especially with ourselves it takes from us this energy of recollecting all parts of us that have been disperse when we allowed ourselves to be spreaded thin, it takes this willingness to build boundaries but most of all it gives us our power back, our commitment to ourselves even if feel so scary, even if we have no idea of the outcome, even if there’s a sense of guilt and shame (which by the way is always an underlying recurring reason why we are not clear, so look there if you want to explore further). We are commiting to stay in our ground, holding that space for ourselves, trusting and showing up with a whole, integrated, clear energy. Chances are, regardless of the outcome, we’ll feel like our biggest cheerleader and maybe at the end of the end, that’s what really matters….



Mari Chin