How can I serve?

Years ago, when I was struggling with my need for control and my almost - funny- obsession to look for answers and signs (literally everywhere! ), my teacher told me: "Change the question. Ask yourself, how can I serve?"

See, I was a little confused. I wanted immediate guidance, perhaps a sign.

Something to comfort my unresting ego. Something that would tell me how things ought to be. But really I was, most of the time, in the state of 'give me something please, I want to know what's happening next'. 

Obviously there is no such thing. 

Our minds and our egos can and will demand very clear answers, in which they rely on to feel the security and the stability they need to thrive. They thrive on the projection of the future. We long for what it will be. If you think about it, it's so much safer to be there (in the future) than to deal with all that's going on right here, right now. 

Our minds tell us that, in the future, we can always be better, more successful, more validated, more loved, more intelligent, more secure. It gives us the impression that we  have total control.

When we change the question, we are taking away the power of our need to be in the future or dwelling on the past, feeding off these beliefs we built. 

When we change the question, we are removing our obsession with the unresolved parts of ourselves.  When we change the question, we lean into the present experience and what it's presenting to us and we cling less onto how things supposed to be or should be. 

We choose which flow we want to stand in. It becomes clear.

When we are in the flow of expansion with the attitude of showing up serving. I mean serving to the smallest things in life, like taking care of your child or a parent, being fully present in a conversation, listening to someone in need, surrendering to what it is. Serving as an attitude to look at the whole perspective, look at the other in the eye, get ourselves out of our own little obsessions.

You are showing up giving.

You are no longer in the flow of contraction.

You are no longer coming to life with a lack of guidance and support. 

You are open to receive. 

With all my love,

Mari Chin