Meet yourself where you are

Earlier this week, at a gathering, I was speaking about letting go - a concept well explored by spiritual teachings, especially the teachings of Buddha. When we talk about letting go, dropping the resistance and stepping into the unknown, while the concept is very clear, it might sound a bit hard to grasp: "How can I do that?"
In a practical way, what all of this is saying is really a simple thing: Meet yourself where you are.
By doing this, by meeting yourself where you are, you're creating a space, a container for yourself, which is going to be directly related to which state you are coming from to face life, to face conflicts and situations, to face yourself. 
Instead of trying to access parts of you that, perhaps, are not of easy access at the moment, such as love, compassion, loving kindness, confidence, what you have left to work with are the parts you do have access to - maybe it’s anger, resentment, fear, guilt.
Start there.
Start working with this information, with these emotions. 
It makes a whole difference when you are facing yourself, life, situations, people knowing where you stand, holding your ground. Creating that space for yourself of honesty. You are no longer coming from a place of lack, of wishing it to be different, of self judgment. You are opening a place of acceptance, which leads to a place of courage and resilience.
And by doing this, by creating this space where emotions can flow, where there's permission for them to be, where thoughts can flow without attachments, without the projection of how I should be, how I should behave, how I should feel or “I should be better, nicer, more like this and that".
By doing this with awareness, it will take you to other places, to other parts of you that have always been there but you just didn't access to, such as tenderness, acceptance, courage, compassion, love. 
You just need to start where you are, instead of loosing energy focusing on where you wish you were, even if it's just about how you feel, how your emotions are at this moment.
All of this has everything to do with meditation, because meditation is all about creating that space. Becoming intimate with your experience, showing up. 
Holding the space for yourself and doing it without judgement from where you are. Letting be. Letting go.

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With love,

Mari Chin