The Ego

Do you know when you feel blocked? Or stuck? Somehow you have the sense that no matter what you do, things don’t seem to be flowing? And, as much as you try different approaches, the overall feeling just doesn't go away.
It's like a repetitive pattern. Same situations, the same type of people, same emotions, same repetitive thinking.
I, for so long, felt that I was just sailing on the tiniest boat in the deep ocean without a sail, completely at the mercy of the waves and weather or whatever conditions would be presented. No idea of how to get control of the boat, how to point to a direction, how to flow in the ocean that I didn't even have time to look at or enjoy as I was so contracted, fearful, feeling so small and limited about the fact that I had no idea about what I was doing, who was I or what the heck was going on. Judging myself constantly. And yet, although I felt all the discomfort possible, it seemed easier for me to just keep going that way. I mean, it was that or to die? So, let me just linger as much as possible in this discomfort and push as far as I can until someone would come rescue me - because someone or something had to happen to rescue me, right? or that is what I thought.
Nothing happened and nothing changed until I decided that was it. I went deep within to study and investigate what was behind all of it, really. With curiosity and some compassion, releasing as much as possible the judgments and control, little by little unveiling the EGO with the support of the meditation practice and integrated teachings. Once I started to understand more about the concept of it, how it works, how it gets activated, observing it, getting clear in its strategies it seemed that I was regaining the confidence, the power to sail the boat again and it was in a different way, more fluid, more expansive, not so restricted or limited, with more energy because I wasn't spending it on keeping the weight on my shoulders of carrying the worries and the fear, not plotting about the future or dwelling back in the past, just letting it be, just navigating. Of course, challenges still come, emotions keep showing up, thoughts come and go of all kinds but my relationship with all of it, changed. Just by bringing awareness and understanding, recognizing the ego. I believe understanding clear about our ego is one of biggest tools to support us in our growth, expansion, to feel freer, more like our true Selves. 
On Monday, April 30th, I'm launching EGO: an online workshop that you can access from anywhere in the world at your own pace and schedule. You can start on Monday or any day after it!  It's a series of practices, guided meditations and texts to support you to do this work. I truly poured my heart into this workshop to share all about this concept in a practical way and would love to have you join me, to explore, to investigate, step into your power. $38. Sign up here!

With love,

Mari Chin