What do you want?

When we read this, at first, it seems a bit harsh.
Our ego will take a position and it will most definitely deny the fact that we are looking into ways to find drama in our lives. "Who, me? No..., I'm chill" 
However, when we look closely and carefully, can we see the clinginess to our complaining? To our institing perspective of the lack? To where it's not right?
To all the parts of us that are not doing what they’re "supposed to be doing".
When I get in this place I can spend days maybe even weeks picking on what is wrong. 
Especially with the ones closest to me (picture my dear husband here). It doesn't mean they are wrong, it's just a projection of how I'm actually seeing and treating myself and releasing it on them, on their behaviors, on their actions. Being super critical of them and me.
Creating drama. 
Staying in drama.
It takes a whole very aware person to hold that space for you (which is rare) and have in mind, that person is also dealing with their own clinginess to drama, so we can imagine what kind of soap opera we can co-create.
But if we want peace, why do we still hang out in drama? First because the "I" that wants the peace, it recognizes that peace is our true nature, our higher Self. It doesn't need to be right or wrong, it doesn't need a position. It just is.
The part of us attaching to the drama it's our ego, because is afraid of the unknown. The unknown of acting different, of reacting different. Of the expansion.
It has to do things a certain way. It works for the ego to be complaining, in the sulking, in the lacking. 
When we become aware of the parts of us looking to release and to process our "wrongness" in a more present, gently way we can then redirect our energy, we can stand in a different place.


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Mari Chin