Walking the way

I’m sure by now you know how much I talk about expansion and contraction. 
I talk so much about these two pillars because this is what we are and all in between. 
The spectrum.
We are the expansion. We know the expansion in us. We have all been there. Maybe its only been for a few minutes, maybe longer.
That place in us when we’ve been able to touch a sense of connection which was a calm constant presence.
We are the contraction, we know (very well) the contraction in us. The parts of us that act small, stay small and keep justifying with the fear in us.
How do we navigate this spectrum? First, by being aware of it. By being the observer.
Then by walking. Walking the way. When we move, we put things in motions when we decide to leave the corner with our arms crossed and pouty face. We expand. We open space. 
This is what meditation is.
You open space, you hold space for yourself. 
You flow, you move.
In order to do that, you need to decide to leave the corner. You need to decide to uncross the arms and soften the face. You stand up. 
And that’s a whole process, it doesn't look the same for everyone. 
It might be you are already doing this in one part of your life, which will radiate and empower you to allow yourself to slowly leave the corner in other parts of your life. 
The path needs to look much more exciting than staying small in the corner.
The discomfort of staying in the corner has to be greater than the fear of the unknown.
The ideas of perfectionism, of having it all figured out have to be released.
The control, the fixed visions, the comparison also are slowly being replaced by curiosity, fluidity and acceptance.
You are creating space for things to come to you.
You are creating space for encounters. 
Encounters of new ideas, new people, new ways of thinking, new possibilities.
You are walking through your own spectrum.
You are expanding.

With love, 


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Mari Chin