The seasons

I'm in Mexico City this week teaching meditation courses and speaking at a few events. 13 years ago I arrived here for the first time, a place which became a second home to me. My heart was full and I was finally stepping into this journey of exploring new countries, cultures and spiritual knowledge that I dreamed of when I was little.
What happened to me in Mexico for the years I lived here paved the way and came full circle. All I learned here from my teachers and mentors brought me back to this same place for the same reason: to share the teachings, to plant a seed, to be a space for people to lean in as they go through their own personal inner exploration. 
There are seasons in life that bring questions and investigation as if we are slowly touching and discovering new grounds without fully leaving the shell. 
A season of giving.
And there are seasons of answers, more clarity, perhaps more certainty, more openness.
A season of receiving.
They are not fixed, they are constantly evolving. 
Although we are aware of this idea, like Thich Nhat Hanh says in his quote, what really makes us suffer is our wishing to things to be permanent. Even in the season of questions and doubts, we can really stay "stuck" with perhaps a sense of being lost or being in lack for a very long time, if that is how we are identifying with the permanence of this season in our life. Why being so hard on ourselves?
Once we really open and allow ourselves truly to the possibility of impermanence.
What starts to change with time and inner awareness, is the way we relate with the seasons, how we navigate them, how we let them be and find in them our own space, our own flow.

With love, 



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Mari Chin