Taking off the armor

To continue last’s weeks topic where I talk about the armor we carry.
This week’s letter is going to be based on a story that talks about forgiveness.
Talks about  possibility, loving without holding back, inner freedom.
The work of undoing this accumulation of all our defense mechanisms which causes the armor to keep getting heavier and heavier.  What happens when we start to take it off?

"One time a man left home
he’d argued with the parents the day before
terrible words spoken
He left without saying goodbye
He’d been for many years
and spent some time in jail when he finally got out
He wondered
If his parents were alive and if they were ashamed
He wrote them and said he would be coming home
an specific day at the following week
If they wanted to see him
and they were not ashamed
They would put a blanket  in the close line
and he would know he could come inside
If a blanket was missing he would know he was not welcomed
He would turn back
He told them he hoped they were in good health
He arrived by rail the next week
He was nervous when he step out of the train
There was no one there to meet him
He walked the warm path towards home
He thought about his past
He thought about his time in jail
He thought about the horrible words
between him and his parents
He thought about how ashamed they must be
He was about to turn around and go back
to where he came from
When he saw a blanket in a tree
He kept walking and he saw another blanket
He kept walking and he saw another
then he turned towards home and
the house was covered in blankets
the yard was covered in blankets
the close line was covered in blankets
the path to the door was covered in blankets
and his parents were standing there
welcoming him inside"
Scott Mcclanahan, Crapalachia: A biography of place

With Love,

Mari Chin