What is Universe trying to teach you?

At the end of the day, it comes down to one thing: If the Universe, God (or however you might call this force) is taking care of us, is working with us... There’s no mistakes here. If we apply this to one area or situation, it applies to all areas or situations in our lives.
There will be challenges and struggles and we may feel very overwhelmed by these challenges... which then becomes a challenge of our own faith in itself.
The challenge can come in a form of a relationship, a  health problem, a particular crisis or a tough transition, whatever it might be, it feels like a situation you really can’t escape from. What we are left with is one question to the Universe: What is it trying to teach us?
Maybe it’s not so much about the incident or the situation itself which we cling to. We get so fixated by the texture, the details, the story of what’s going on. We live and relive it and become so familiar, replaying it in our minds over and over. What if, perhaps, it's not about this specific situation itself at all.  What if it’s not about being rich or poor, very successful or still struggling to find your dream career, renting or owning, having a partner or not having a partner and we are missing the point? But rather it’s about what happens to our Consciousness when we’re in this particular situation, when “x” or “y” happens.
So, ultimately the “test” can be about all kinds of things like resentment, anger, lack of faith, fear, fear of what people will think, etc. The way these tests come to us, presented in these situations is what we need to detach from, you see?  We get distracted by the story, the context and the details, in the forms the tests come to us and by getting fixated in the form, we miss the point and they keep coming back because we are seeing the facade but not beyond it.
If the issue right now seems like a very hard mountain to climb, if it’s intimidating, if it actually makes you contracted... start with what's around the issue which you actually can begin to deal with: What good thing the Universe is trying to show me? And why am I not tuned into it?
I’d like to leave you with an affirmation I learned from a Teacher that I believe to be so helpful when we don’t have answers, when it’s really blurry and unclear or when the mountain looks too high to climb:

“Universe (God, Master - however you feel comfortable) I really don't know what you are doing but whatever it is you are trying to teach/show me, give me the receptivity, the wisdom and the devotion to learn it”

With Love,

Mari Chin