The place we are

Since I can remember I would always want to be somewhere else. Maybe it's my astrological configuration, the seeker in me,  my yearning to get out of Brazil to see the world. Perhaps a discomfort of being in my own skin. Fact is: the in between place never felt quite suiting to me.

That’s what we do, we rush through act II, the middle part. We know the beginning but somehow we want to skip right to the conclusion. That whole idea of living between the past and future, avoiding the mess (or the meh) of the in between state.

The more we avoid and skip to the final “hypothetical” conclusions of whatever story we bring up in our mind, the more life brings us situations that make us really itch, that make us move closer to the edges which we are so skillfully trying to avoid. It does this over and over again until we finally tend to it, embrace it, get comfortable with it and it’s definitely not a linear process.

The challenge lies when we start the battle between not wanting to be in act II and needing to be in act II. This constant fight with where we are and where we want to be. This is the  place where we find resistance, inadequacy, lack, contraction.

However, this place can teach us so much about ourselves and the more we attend to it the less we’ll feel the need to hide from it. The more we spend time and energy noticing, asking internal questions and recognizing emotions, the more we step onto our ground, the less need we feel to be elsewhere. Only when we can trust that where we are is where we should be (not where the person on social media is, not where our friend is, not where everybody else seems to be) can we open ourselves to possibilities and start enjoying the journey which, in fact, is a vast messy beautiful Part II.

With Love,


Mari Chin