We are here to support people to go within and expand, to help people create space in their lives, in their minds and in their hearts. We are here to provide a tool for people to be aware and notice in order to create a place for expansion. Through the meditation practice and all of the teachings that support it, we start to see with a sense of spaciousness, while we cultivate awareness, resilience and courage, the capacity to be in the moment and what this experience is presenting. We are here to provide ancient practices and teachings that are now proven by science to be transformative; impacting and changing our bodies, our minds and our relationships with all circumstances we are facing. We are here to help you find the alignment and flow you need to be living a creative life with lightness, connection and love.


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THE technique

What is meditation?

Meditation is both a state of awareness and a practice designed to help attain that state.

Through this practice we dive deep within ourselves to learn how to stay with the experience we are having, raise our state of consciousness, calm our very restless minds and discover who we truly are when we are not consumed by being so busy; doing and thinking so much.  It's the doorway to connection, to freedom.  Since neuroscience started to show the results and impacts of meditation on our body and mind through countless studies and research over the past decades (validating what the traditional teachings were all about thousands of years ago) meditation has become a point of interest in which people turn to, to cope, to learn how to relate better with life's circumstances and to help support people's understanding of themselves.  Meditation is a tool that brings clarity and connection into our lives.

What kind of meditation?

The good part about meditation becoming mainstream is that people are more interested in it, we are raising consciousness collectively. However, we know that it can seem to be overwhelming and quite confusing with so much information out there; different techniques, apps and spiritual practices being called meditation when in fact they aren't. In this course we teach a classical traditional mantra, spread to the world from Guru Paramahansa Yogananda (the author of Autobiography of a Yogi and founder of Self Realization Fellowship), originating from the book of The Vedas (the oldest and largest book of knowledge texts from India). This technique was taught from master to student for centuries and was designed to be a practice for the ordinary people, not just for the enlightened beings living in monasteries. It was practiced by people with jobs and occupations, so it's very adaptable to our modern life styles. This is not a quick and latest wellness trend. We are committed to providing integrated teachings with a traditional and extremely efficient technique that supports our students with valid and reliable information, so they can start and maintain a practice on their own forever.


Benefits of Meditation

 Increases clarity and creativity

Combats stress and anxiety

Positive effects on processing emotions

Increases sense of empathy and compassion

Boosts immune system

Improves productivity



The program is structured in 3 consecutive days and each session is approximately 1h 30 minutes. The course is open to the public and hosted monthly at our studio. We combine the traditional knowledge and teachings of meditation with education and practical tools for our modern lives, creating an efficient and creative meditation practice for our students to incorporate into their daily lives forever.



Opening Ceremony

Introduction to meditation: What is meditation? / Why we meditate? / What happens when we meditate?

Understanding the levels of consciousness

The impacts of meditation on the brain and body


Understanding Mind-Breath connection

Breathing Exercises

Guided Meditation



Day 2

Opening Meditation

Q&A from previous day practice

The meditation technique & mantra

How a daily practice looks like

Strategies for obstacles to the practice

Dealing with stress and anxiety

Guided Meditation with technique



Day 3

Opening Meditation

Q&A from previous day practice

Processing emotions

Using visualization and affirmations

Final guided meditation with technique


What else is included?

- Follow up private session 10 days after the course (via facetime/skype) duration 20 minutes to address questions and provide support

- Free access to meditation recordings to help and support you 

- Free access to all group meditations when hosted at our studio

- Indefinite ongoing support regarding the practice by email




 $400/ per person

50% upon registration, 50% one day prior to start of course

(*Payment plans are available)

If you are not located in Los Angeles, we offer the course via facetime or skype.

If you are looking for a private course in LA, we offer the option of coming to

your residence or you can come to our studio, in Highland Park.

To book a session, please send us an email:



I have used apps and learned different types of meditation, how is this different?

Apps can be a great initiator to a solid meditation practice and a way people can become more intimate with the practice. However, apps don't teach people properly and in depth how to meditate and the percentage of people dropping out of the practice after some time is very high. Other techniques can be very valued, but there is so much information out there, we know it can be so confusing. This is a mantra based technique that is designed to transcend thought and makes our bodies rest. We look at meditation a bit like science, we go deep into the teachings so we can provide you with all the tools you'll need to create a practice of your own, forever, without being dependent on anything else.  When you learn from an experienced teacher, you are also receiving all the information of what works and what doesn't, getting the proper tools to develop a practice on your own. You can meditate anywhere, anytime, forever. Plus, we offer indefinite ongoing support.

I tried meditation in the past unsuccessfully, how do you think this technique could really help me start and maintain a practice?

In this course you will not only learn the proper techniques of how to meditate, but we will emphasize on why we meditate, what happens when we meditate, a deeper understanding of our mind and how we relate to it and along with all the support teachings, you'll have a better perspective of the practice. You'll know the tricks that your mind will play on you in order for you to find the justifications. Besides, this technique was designed for regular people, like us, so it's really is adapatable, flexible and fluid.

Is this meditation related to any kind of religion? What if i don’t believe in God?

No, meditation has nothing to do with religion or dogmas. For the skeptics, meditation can still be a great practice to calm the mind, relax the body, gain clarity, concentration and creativity, reduce stress and anxiety and have an overall feeling of wellbeing. 

How long after the course will I be able to start my own practice and be able to see results?

Immediately you'll feel a shift, and normally this happens with the change in relationship to your breath. And, in the first weeks you will already see the difference in your relationship with your mind, thought process and old habits. Having the tools to properly navigate, you'll start to notice with more awareness and spaciousness how to respond to life's circumstances.