Hello and welcome!

I’m so grateful to share these teachings with you and together bring forward awareness, understanding, clarity around a theme that is so often mistaken and misinterpreted.

The ego.

We are all born with it and to learn how to work with it, live with it’s a lifetime process, however is the foundation work to understand more about oursevels, others, how we behave, how we respond, how we think. This is the reason we start with understanding more about our egos. When we bring awareness about a topic, normally that topic no longer has “so much power” over us, because we have information, we are aware of it.

So becoming aware of our ego, how it acts, what speaks to us, when it gets activate is a major shift, a major life transformation that will unfold other parts of us and like a riple effect will impact our lives.  I used 3 books as support teachings for this workshop and texts from Paramahasa Yogananda as the foundation to lead us to some coherent. The exercises are created, as my methodology, to help you get deeper into the teaching and the theme we are exploring.

The recording meditation, or visualizations are also created to support the journey to discover more about yourself.



You'll need around 20-30 minutes each day (more if you want to go more in depth and take your time writing and listening). The idea is for you to take this time not as part of a to-do list but really enjoy it, if for some reason you ended up too busy or with little time, it's better to skip that day and come back here when you are fully available and grounded. 

I'll leave available all 5 days, so you can really go on your own pace and people that are in different time zones can access it easily as well. 

There is a comment section bellow each day, in case you want to share a comment, an experience or a question. I'll read and answer them all. 

For the guided meditations, I encourage you to do them sitting down. The guided meditations are not for "relaxation", it's part of the work we are doing at the workshop. You can sit on a chair, on your bed or couch, just make sure your spine is straight with support and your knees are confortable, so your body is at ease.

You'll need a notebook, pen or pencil.

Lastly, I appreciate if you respect our work and don't share this information with people outside of the group. 

Mari Chin