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In this session you'll have a sensorial experience, we'll discuss what is going on currently with you (fears, blocks, doubts, anxious thoughts) and using my intuitive guidance, we'll navigate together the energy around your body to raise awareness and start a path of healing and discovery. It requires work and willingness, that's the only request I have for you. The second part of the session I'll give you practical tools on how to establish a meditation practice on your own. We'll uncover the basics of how to meditate, why meditation works and what are the impacts it brings to your life. I'll also offer mindfulness tools, specific to you, to help you put into practice qualities that will be helpful to your personal growth and overcome daily obstacles. We'll close with a guided meditation and some energy work. Sessions are 1h30min $108




If you don't live in Los Angeles we can still connect. The online sessions are designed the same way as the in person session. Sessions can be conducted via facetime or skype (pst time). Sessions are 1h30min $98


follow up

Often what happens when we start to do personal spiritual inner work and establish a meditation practice, a lot can come up and they happen not in a linear way. These follow up sessions are intended to be a continuation of the work we started during your first session. This way you can feel connected, supported and continuing expanding your awareness during this process and deepen your meditation practice. Sessions are 1h $88