I've been quietly working this summer and I'm very excited to share finally THE EXPANSION PROGRAM: An online series of classes and meditations to help you go within and expand. I spent a long time developing this program of classes and I'm really happy to put it out in the world, especially to anyone who's expressed the desire to work with me, access my meditations and to start on a path of self discovery. For this program I’m combaning my training and studies on Contemplative Psychotherapy (Buddhist Psychology), Mindfulness and Meditation as well as Neuroscience Research and Spiritualism. We are using 5 pillars to support our process: Awareness, Acceptance, Integration, Compassion and Flow. Through exploring concepts in a practical way using tools to help support your journey within, each monthly class will focus on a topic and will be a mix of concepts, practices and a guided meditation. You can access it from anywhere in the world and at anytime. 

With Love,