Learn to meditate


What meditation is?

Meditation is both a state of awareness and a practice designed to help on attain that state.

More and more people are turning into meditation to understand what the practice is about, to bring into their life and experience the impacts on our body and mind.

Meditation is a tool to self understanding, to bring creative, clarity and connection to your life and mostly to connect with the highest part of yourself. 

What kind of meditation?

At Communal we teach classical meditation based on a mantra that improves CONCENTRATION, REDUCE stress, CALMS the min and helps connect with the highest part of yourself.

This technique is part of an ancient lineage of teachings from India and it was spread to the world through the teaching of Paramhansa Yogananda.


Benefits of meditation


increase clarity and creativity

positive effect on processing emotions

creates empty and compassion

increase ability to get along  with other people

boost immune system

in pregnancy, affects babies behavior after birth



Session 1 (duration 1:30min)

Introduction on meditation

sitting position

mind-breath connection


short practice

Home practice assignment


Session 2 (duration 2 hours)

Brief practice

levels of the mind

hang sau tecnique


the impacts of meditation on the brain

how to have a meditation practice looks like

meditate together

Home practice assignment

Session 3 (duration 2:30)

Short practice


principles of energy

engaging the heart

full meditation practice

stay inspired

follow ups

Guided meditation

What’s included?

- free access to meditation recordings to help and support you 

- free access to all group meditation I host at our studio

- ongoing support 


Private sessions

single adult 3 payments*x $200

couples/friends sitting in the same session 3 x $180/per person

full time students 3x $160

private group per person

$ 550,00/per person for 5 or more people

or 3 x payments of 185,00

*payments are spread 2 weeks apart.