GUIDANCE SESSION / learn to meditate

This session is designed for anyone looking for guidance and support through their spiritual growth process. Mariana's meditation training combined with her heightened intuition and studies on Contemplative Psychotherapy , brings the ancient wisdom and knowledge of spiritual expansion into our daily lives. If you are finding yourself wondering what this all about, questioning what your purpose is here, not sure of what's next or how to really dive in, she can provide you with the tools to do the work while supporting you in this journey. Learn more.


the expansion program: ONLINE CLASSES

This a series of online classes and meditations for you to go within and expand. These classes can be taken from anywhere in the world. They are a mix of practical tools, texts and guided meditations to support and help bring awareness and clarity. Learn more.



It's already proven that meditation increases clarity and creativity, it has a positive effect on processing emotions and creates empathy. Plus, it helps boost the immune system and productivity. Bringing this technique into the work environment creates a huge impact on employee engagement, the relationships and overall atmosphere at the workplace. We work with corporate clients to create a program to fit each company's culture and needs. Learn more.



We offer guided meditation sessions for private gatherings, events, conferences, corporate functions and small groups. We also host a meditation program for kids. And we travel as well! Learn more.