Private Individual Session


These sessions are a space to create inner exploration with the support of Mariana, based on the teachings centered on meditation, mindfulness, compassion. As a contemplative psychotherapist and meditation teacher, Mariana’s work creates a safe, nurturing and integral space for you to have the opportunity to explore parts of your life you might feel blocked, confused, stuck and lost, or simply to learn tools and practices to help you integrate more mindfulness and compassion into your life, using a gentle kind approach. Mariana’s way of working essentially leads to cultivate awareness, integration, compassion and ultimately expansion through mind and body contemplative practices, which are intended to become your lifelong tools (breathwork, meditation, insights and inquiries).

All the sessions will support inner exploration with talk, guided meditation, breathwork and mindfulness practices, which will get incorporated into your routine. The frequency of the sessions is based on each individual's needs, you can choose to have one or multiple. Sessions can be in person (if you are located in Los Angeles) or online (via facetime or Skype). Each session is 1 hour and cost $175 (sliding scale options are available just inquiry directly)

TO BOOK_ If you want to book a session or have any question, just email directly  INFO@COMMUNAL-LA.COM

Se hacen sesiones en español! Para más información, contactar directamente / Se oferece sessões em português! Para mais informação, contactar diretamente

Corporate Sessions & Programs

It’s widely and scientifically proven how meditation and mindfulness practices has a transformative and positive impact at the workplace, from productivity, solution insights to relationship dynamics  and ways to manage stress and workload pressure. Mariana lead talks and workshops at the workplace centered on topics ranging around enhancing creativity, finding alignment, understanding stress, cultivating mindfulness. With a practical and grounding approach, offers tools, insights and practices. Mariana also offers meditation classes or guided meditations sessions. For more information on duration, availability and programs, please contact directly.

Guided Meditations & Talks

You can book Mariana to host a guided meditation at a special gathering, event, conference, at your work or at your home. Guided meditations can be structured based on your needs. Duration is approximately 45 min. We can work with a mixed group or people who have never meditated before. Starting at $185 /session 


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What people say

"I always admired those who could meditate, but I never gave myself the chance to try it. Mari's "Learn to meditate" course appeared at a time when I silently screamed for help and somehow she overheard it and she gave me a generous hand. It was all I needed to help guide me through this inner quest for peace. Meditating without her mentoring would not have been possible. Her humanity and generosity, coupled with her warmth which gives her spiritual sensitivity, makes the practice of meditation accessible to the reality in which we live in, capable of success and failure, without goals, obligations, judgments or comparisons. I began to know myself better, accept my fears and embrace them, but having the courage to let them go (Yes, Mari taught me that in order to get rid of your ghosts it takes courage), respect my limitations and, above all, be generous with me and allow me to experience the here and now. This is the power of meditation and it's really possible to achieve!" - Natalia, São Paulo

"I have been on a spiritual path of healing and meditation for many years. Until I had taken Mari's meditation course, all that I had previously learned never truly came to fruition. Mari's course was not only educational, it was a cathartic experience. The enlightenment that I have been achieving due to my daily meditations has brought me to a place like nothing I have ever been to before. Her teachings made the material very relatable and attainable. I now practice a daily meditation which has brought me more awareness and expansion in my life. I am so grateful for Mari and the experience she provided." Jaclyn Solenzio, Los Angeles