The sessions are design to give you practical tools on how to establish a meditation practice on your own. We will uncover how to meditate, why meditation works and what are the impacts in our lives. We will also use mindfulness tools, specific to you, to help you put in practice qualities that will be helpful to your personal growth and overcome obstacles. Parallel, you'll have a sensorial experience and we 'll discuss what is going on currently with you and using intuitive guidance we will navigate together the energy around your body to raise awareness and consciousness and start a path of healing. We will close with a guided meditation and you will be provided with a bucklet with information to continue the work on your own. Sessions are 1h30min $150


Individual / online person


If you don't live in Los Angeles we can still connect. The online sessions are designed the same way as the in person session. Sessions can be conducted via facetime or skype (pst time). Sessions are 1h30min $120


Follow up /

in person or online session


Often what happens when we start to do personal spiritual work, a lot can come up and they happen not in a linear way and in different times. These sessions are designed to be a continuation of the work that started after you had your first session. This way you can feel connected, supported and continuing expanding awareness to all the situations that may come. Sessions are 1h30min $100


Group Circles

We offer monthly gatherings session that will be discuss on specific themes each time. This offering is for those who want to connect with people going through the same path, seekers to learn more about consciousness and awareness. This is a way to establish a contact with what Communal is about and how Mariana works. Themes can be around: how to deal with emotions? why aren't we getting answers to our prayers? understanding the chakras from a practical point of view? karma and reincarnation.  The gatherings will be expansive, sensorial and curative. We will open and close with guided meditation and be a supportive place to all of who will be part of it. You will hopefully walk away feeling empowered and inspired with a clear mind and with a great sense of calm and happiness.

Understanding the chakras


This workshop will cover the basics of the chakras. We will understand what are the chakras, how they work and function and how this is relate to our lives, karmas, decisions, actions.  To learn more about the chakras, we have to understand the law of karma and reincanrantion concepts.