A series of online classes and meditations for you to go within and expand

This series offers a practical way to look into our self exploration, what it means to lean closer to ourselves and how we can cultivate the ability to listen and honor what our inner landscape is telling us. I hope with these classes, which are translated from essential teachings based on the Buddhist Philosophies and Contemplative Practices can help unlock and gently can become a support for your capacity to gain awareness, find more integration, cultivate compassion and self compassion and expand into the wholesome.








  • Once you purchase the class, you will receive an email with your access information to the content

  • The practice consists of class combined with guided meditation and practices that will focus on a topic

  • You’ll have unlimited access to the class and content

  • The content is mostly through text and audio recording

  • The average time to spend on a class will depend on each person, time can range from at least 1 hour to more if you want to take your time with the lessons and practices



On giving myself permission

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On processing emotions

Emotions are our compass. They inform us on what’s going on, how to integrate, how to heal. The strategies we’ve used for so long to either suppress or escape them just built more patterns, more repetition. In this class we’ll explore what emotions are and identify these strategies we put in place to avoid processing them and then see what’s behind that. We’ll understand how emotions help us to identify our shadow and learn how to process them using tools from mindfulness of emotions. Once we integrate more our emotions, we are more free to honor what we are, we have more choices and clarity in our journey. We get to know ourselves better.


On meeting myself where I am

This is our starting point. In order for us to go from anywhere we wish to be or to start any process to look within, we need to meet ourselves where we are. In this session, we are going to explore concepts of awareness. Understand the mind: our thoughts, beliefs, patterns, inclinations. Understand more about the levels of consciousness, ego and get a clear idea what is our point of orign, where we are standing. From here, we can take inventory to start a path of discovery, acceptance, of integration, this session is an invitation to look deeper within, get more tools to start working with yourself.



Do I need to know how to meditate to do THE PRACTICE? No, all the meditations are guided and will come with instructions. If you already have a practice on your own, you can keep it as it is, the program is just a complement to your existing practice. If you wish to learn a meditation practice on your own, more info here.

Can I access THE PRACTICE whenever I want and at any time? Yes, you can access from any device (phone, ipad, computer) at any time. Part of the class will be available in an audio format.

Which one should I start with? You can start with the first one (from bottom to top) and go sequential, however if you feel you are going through something specific that you need support and clarity with, find what class speaks to you the most.

Is Mariana going to offer support during the program? Yes, as a teacher I have the commitment to offer support and help with any of your questions and experiences, just email me directly.

What do I need for the classes? You just want to make sure you have some alone time in a quiet place. You can use headphones to listen to the guided meditations. You will need a notebook or somewhere to take notes and journal answers.